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Real Estate Back Office Software, Transaction Management

We’ve seamlessly integrated into the Dynamics accounting system platform and implemented central processing for most of our real estate transaction activity. We’ve also improved workflow so that brokerage offices can focus more on listing and selling. Affordable back office management software for the smaller real estate broker. Eliminate confusing paper trails and disjointed solutions with a back office ecosystem that ties together transactions, eSignature, and compliance. Keep critical forms and due-dates on track with step-by-step prompts that make it easy for agents to gather the required documentation. Lone Wolf Workspace combines real estate transaction management, compliance, and office intranet into a single ecosystem for streamlined productivity.

brokerage back office software

With Emphasys, you can rely on a team of experts with decades of experience in the real estate industry. Integrated with your transaction management, MLS and QuickBooks®. As the CEO of a real estate market center, Sean recruited over 115 agents in a single year. I will say that Dotloop offers a very similar platform to Skyslope, so make sure to call both to get the best pricing for your brokerage. The problem, of course, is that there are dozens of CRMs on the market these days.

The top real estate back office and accounting software for brokers, Back Office (brokerWOLF) does it all.

It is one of the few products on the market tailor-made for the Real Estate Industry and caters to the demand of hyperlocal Agents and Brokers. An agent’s marketing needs won’t be quite the same as a brokerage’s; perhaps they’re super-active on social media and therefore want to invest in additional tools, like Buffer, so they can schedule posts across multiple platforms. Managing real estate transactions is lengthy, time-consuming work. It’s not as simple as just signing over the deed and writing checks. The process requires extensive document control, back-and-forth communication and negotiations, inspections, financial management and so much more. Customers don’t want to deal with snail-like service and demand everything in an expeditious manner.

brokerage back office software

Also, make sure that the back office trading software provider offers a transparent pricing model and top-quality customer support. Growth and Agent Retention Most Real Estate Brokers are looking to grow their agent count, volume, average sales price, and business as a whole. However, not every Real Estate Brokerage has the proper systems and procedures in place to facilitate this growth efficiently.

Integrated with your transaction management, MLS and QuickBooks®.

We have predefined skins for ALL National franchises as well as independent brokers. Keep a pulse on everything happening in your brokerage with easy to read charts & graphs. Beautifully designed agent profiles with features you won’t find anywhere. Our Proprietary E-Sign software is fully Integrated for ALL your agents at no extra cost. We are the ONLY software you need to run an efficient, automated, & successful Real Estate brokerage.

  • By doing so, you can import all your business and client contacts so as to develop a single system of connections.
  • Read on to find out about the software available to real estate brokers and how it can benefit your business.
  • Having a separate real estate back office from your company’s real estate website is a valuable approach to your website management and overall business organizational structure.
  • This gives you one platform for all of your transactions, from contract to close to general ledger, so everyone is using the same information at the same time, all the time.
  • Agent billing and next-day ACH payments, plus chart of accounts, agent and transaction ledgers, and more.

Brokerages that offer user-friendly, convenient processes and organized systems to their agents usually have better agent retention. Focusing on agent retention is a crucial skill that top real estate brokers do to facilitate growth by keeping their current agents happy. As a real estate broker, understanding and setting up agents’ commission plans properly is key for the overall success of your brokerage and your agents. TotalBrokerage is happy to announce that we are partnered with Placester to handle all of your front office website needs. With this partnership, you can set up and manage your website through Placester while seamlessly tracking your leads in TotalBrokerage.

CSA/Soft$ Management

Stocks and options trading simulator is the perfect way to open platform to new prospective clients without risk, educate traders and test new models. Generate accounting reports in QuickBooks and custom dashboards using Zoho Reports by syncing your CORE BackOffice data. While recruiting top producers is always a smart move, there’s also something to be said for bringing brand-new agents under your wing.

brokerage back office software

Plus, robust performance reporting and automatic accounting software sync provide the visibility you need to drive maximum profitability. Built specially for real estate brokers, this software tool provides them with access to an online presence. Moxi Works enables real estate brokers to develop tailor-made websites. This real estate brokerage software management tool can be integrated with other real estate management software. By doing so, its capability is extended to accounting, lead development, client management and listing information delivery.

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To nurture and appropriately keep in touch with those leads while they’re getting ready to make the big decision to buy or sell a house, agents should also be using a CRM solution. Most brokerages prefer that agents use their CRM software so that brokers can keep track of leads and ensure that agents are caring for clients to the brokerage’s standards. Most Real Estate Brokers are looking to grow their agent count, volume, average sales price, and their business as a whole.

After all, this entire process was previously handled without technology. For many small brokerages, there isn’t a huge need to add new back office processes. It’s not enough to have a report writer that allows brokerages to pick fields and design reports. To have access to an advanced reporting on agent production, transaction tracking and financial analysis.

We Power Billions in Transactions Across the World of Real Estate

Dotloop gives brokers and transaction coordinators the ability to templatize all elements of a transaction to simplify compliance and increase agent productivity. From full transaction templates that contain all the required documents to custom task lists based on the transaction type and business-specific documents. Unlike most platforms which are tailored more to individual agents, TotalBrokerage is made specifically for real estate brokerages. Our platform is the ONLY, complete Real Estate forex back-office software solutions from contact to closing. DocuSign isn’t exactly transaction management software, but it performs many of the same duties as other providers in this space. It’s more of an end-to-end, cloud-based paperless contract software solution.

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In addition to that, they can generate checklists, record tasks, ensure compliance and program automated notifications. A unique feature of this software is that it enables real estate brokers to create commission splits that are fully customizable. In addition to that, they can use this commercial real estate broker software to produce financial statements, generate invoices and track escrow funds. This is a software tool that makes it easier for real estate brokers to perform their day to day jobs.